Reach, engage and access the voice and opinions of people who matter most


Traditional sampling process can be complex, time-consuming and difficult to capture consumer feedback. Does your current sampling program target the right audience and help you get these questions answered?

Perform Market Segmentation

What’s the consumer’s purchase intent and attitudes after sampling your product? Get crucial demographic information about consumers to hone your strategy.

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Measure Brand Performance

How recognizable is your brand? Highly recommended? Would consumers switch to your product from your competitors? Would they rave about your product online? Assess and track your position in the market, from awareness to reputation.

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Measure Product Performance

What was the favorite thing about your product? What was the least favorite? Get critical information for product improvement or new product ideas.

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Our experiential marketing solution utilizes our in-house and office membership services, SnackNation and Love With Food, to reach your target audience at home and in offices. It’s the simplest way to get your future customers to try your products, get quality feedback and rave about your product.



Get your products in the hands of forward-thinking, social-media savvy consumers nationwide.


We take care of the shipment of your product samples to the home of your future consumers.

Insights Analytics

Our insights analytics dashboard keeps track of consumers demographic information and feedback.

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Trend analysis

Find trends in survey results as they come in. Slice and dice your results to find micro trends.

Filter and compare

Sort through results based on demographic information, purchase intent and many more ways to power your curiosity. For instance, how did parent’s responses compare to non-parents? What’s the demographic, shopping and online behavior of consumers who liked your product?

Data exports

Download visual charts and data for your next presentation and be the superstar in your next meeting!

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Seaweed Strip Oceans Halo

lashco: Momma always said 'don't play with your food' but these dragonflies are considered art, right? LOL. July's @lovewithfood box came with these yummy treats from @oceanshalo and I just couldn't "kelp" myself! I love almonds and I love seaweed strips, what a perfect salty & sweet combination.

Mati Healthy Energy Drink

siouxlandceliac: New energy drink I received in my @lovewithfood box this month. Love the flavor - passion fruit! Yum! #lovewithfood #energydrinks #matihealthyenergy #glutenfree


snackjunkiefinland: I finally got around to making this @eatbanza mac & cheese from May's #lovewithfood box. I am so impressed. I didn't really have any expectations, but I'm ready to hand over my kraft orange cheese mac! All I can say is that this took 6 minutes to make, it has 18g of protein, and it's gluten free! It's really delicious and I would definitely get it again. This is a great product, if you see it definitely give it a try! 🙌🏻

Nothing But The Fruit

amiesweightlossgoals: This Fruit snack is So good! it has chia seeds in it as well and only 100 calories! I got them from my Love with food box #eatbetterfeelbetterlivebetter #losingweightjourney #lovehealthyfood #lovewithfoodbox

Shine Organics

frostedtrixie: Proud mom moment. My 10yr old loves these😍. Anyway I can get fruits /vegetables in I'm happy👌🏼Now my 7yr old🤔 #lovewithfood #shineorganics

Awake Bar

michlperry: I needed a #caffeine fix this afternoon, but didn't want to make a pot of #coffee , so I tried this dark #chocolate #awakebar that I've been carrying around in my bag. It gave me the kick I was looking for and was #yummy! #awakeatwork #lovewithfood #latergram #chocolateandcaffeine

Lawless Jerky

tiaroxie: #lawlessjerky Japanese curry beef jerky is an all-natural jerky made out of grass-fed beef. This is a flavor I've never seen or tasted before, but it is something I would definitely buy again. I received this in the #lovewithfood July mystery box.

Smarty Pants

karliebabyyy: Found these today 50% off at Kroger!:) Tried them in my #lovewithfood box once and they were good.


karliebabyyy: Thanks to my #LoveWithFood box box I fell in love with the chocolate salted caramel #lunabar so I got a couple more to try out:) 🍫🍋🍪 #lemonzest #chocolatechipcookiedough #chocolatesaltedcaramel #protein

Dinner Hero

kelsploz: Made this for dinner last night and it was amazing! Got this #dinnerhero sesame garlic cooking kit in my @lovewithfood box this month! I definitely need to get my hands on more #revolutionfoods stuff! So good! 🙆🏼👌🏻


mivida_desserts: Suprisingly delicious! #lovewithfood #glutenfree

Pure Growth Organic

naybees77: Your *White Cheddar Popcorn* is so good! @puregrowthorganic I'm so glad it was in my August box from @lovewithfood #glutenfree

Free Yum Ginger Cookies

sarahkirkconnell: Got these today in a #lovewithfood box #freeyumm #foodallergies #glutenfree Love how it tastes like raw cookie dough!

Cosmo Creations

askangiedee: It's late. I shouldn't be eating this but I feel like something sweet. With only 65 calories, I think I'll be ok. #lovewithfood #cosmoscreations

Pretzel Perfection

jamilburn713: Omg these are good. Love getting #glutenfree treats in my #lovewithfood box each month. #pretzelperfection

SnackNation (Insights community) is a must have partner for all companies looking to have their products reach consumers’ hands in an unconventional way. They provide start to finish services for their vendors, providing engaging social media coverage, and a robust survey at the end of the month for additional market insights
~ Alexandra L, Marketing Manager

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