We exist as an organization to fix the broken in-home user testing, product sampling and focus groups processes that CPGs rely on for decades. With how consumer habits and expectations are changing so rapidly, marketers and innovators today need to consistently connect with the right consumers to help drive strategy, innovation and product development.


We believe reaching, engaging and understanding the ever-changing world of health and wellness consumers should be easy. So at SnackNation Insights, we’ve built a community of early adopters who are eager to discover products, experience them, provide insight and be buzz-generators unlike any other groups available to CPG companies. 


We believe getting rapid insights from the right consumers throughout each stage of the product lifecycle is critical in making prudent consumer-driven decisions that'll help CPGs reduce risk. We’ve built technology that will get insights at a fraction of the time as compared to traditional methods.


Our mission is to help CPGs reach, engage and understand consumers throughout each stage of the product lifecycle.





Aihui Ong (pronounced i-we)

Founder & CEO

Aihui has a background in finance and computer science. Using IT to count other people’s money is really not that fun. So in her spare time, she volunteered at farmer’s market. That’s when she realized it's so hard for CPGs to reach consumers directly! Aihui founded SnackNation Insights in her pajamas and launched it out of her kitchen with the goal of helping CPGs make good decisions super fast!

Hendy Tanata

CTO & Cat Herder

Getting cats to move in the same direction is hard work.

Amy Dos Santos

The Swiss A(r)my Knife

Swiss Army Knife & MOM-ager of HQ! When not working with the kids at the office she's at home with kids of her own. She enjoys helping things run smoothly by lending a tool for whatever comes her way.

Andrew Cassara

The OPerator

When this rare, red headed, mutant is not putting out fires or surviving earthquakes you can find him running for beer and eating his way through the world!

Eugenia Man


Sometimes it's hard to stay focused in a room full of snacks.

Melanie Miller

Ms Smiley

She is always smiling. Her JOB is to make people smile, but she smiles even when she is not working. Strange...

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Russ Rubin

Head of Insights

Russ was the Director of Consumer Insights at General Mills working extensively on Snacks, Desserts, Cereal and Yogurt. He has more than 20 years of consumer research experience and is an expert at creating research solutions, processes and organizations/team building with a focus on the business issues. Russ collects countries (been to 74) for a hobby.

Aggie Gaynor

of the House Targaryen

Toeing the line between world domination and total insanity, Aggie lives life on the Edge.

George Mendoza

is where the wild code is

George said "BE STILL!" and tamed the bits of code with the magic trick of staring into all their red tests without blinking once and they were frightened and called him the wildest coder of all.

Madolyn Yuen

is always hungry

In a feat of unsubstantiated and medically unproven modern medicine, Madolyn ate her twin in utero to become one larger human made up of two smaller humans.

Xiang Li

Weight Gainer

He wants to gain weight but is still too thin even after exercising every day and increasing protein and carbohydrate intake.

Corey Bruyere

The Dude

Some call him the space cowboy. Some call him the gangster of love. Others simply call him Corey. Corey is a native Southern California resident who finds joy in adventuring, good coffee, health and fitness, crafting the World Wide Web, The Simpsons, and good vegan eats.​

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Chris Cornyn

Chris is the Chief Innovation Officer at BEFORE Brands building a new health and wellness brand to provide products to help transform kids relationship to food allergies forever. Chris founded DINE, The Food & Drink Agency which was acquired by Mattson, the largest independent food & beverage innovation company in the country to develop the first holistic food innovation process to service large CPG food companies. Chris then joined Revolution Foods as their Chief Innovation Officer where he led the brand, R&D, and innovation teams. 

Charles Nevin

Charles Nevin is the Vice President/GMM at Family Dollar.  He has 25 years of experience in the food industry with top tier CPG companies including Nabisco, Kraft, Campbell's Soup and Hillshire Brands.  He has held leadership roles in Sales, Sales Planning and Marketing as well as lead the Walmart/Sam's Club business with both Campbell's and Hillshire which included P&L responsibility and leading the cross-functional team responsible for this strategic customer. 

Eric Wedepohl

Eric Wedepohl is an investor, lawyer, and counselor focused on leveraging his more than 25 years in the global food business.  Eric recently retired as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for General Mills.  He joined General Mills in 2001 when General Mills acquired the Pillsbury Company from Diageo.  At Pillsbury is was Vice President and General Counsel of Pillsbury International.  He began his career at General Foods in 1984.

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SnackNation (Insights community) is a must have partner for all companies looking to have their products reach consumers’ hands in an unconventional way. They provide start to finish services for their vendors, providing engaging social media coverage, and a robust survey at the end of the month for additional market insights
~ Alexandra L, Marketing Manager

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