How an Allergy-Friendly Cookie Brand Quickly Assessed

the General “Non-Allergy” Competitive Landscape to

Optimize Sales & Marketing Strategies

Case Study


Homefree, an allergy-friendly cookie brand, had been marketing mainly towards those with food allergies and the Gluten-Free community. They were looking to offer their allergy-friendly cookies more widely to mainstream retailers and general “non-allergy” population. Homefree cookies are consistently well-received as “good cookies” rather than just “special diet cookies” However they wanted outside data for verification before spending sales and marketing resources and they wanted to know how consumers would stack their cookies against the American Iconic Cookie brand.


Homefree partnered with SnackNation Insights to answer three key questions:


  1. How important is “allergy-friendly” to the general population?

  2. How do Homefree’s chocolate chip cookies compare to the national category leader?

  3. Would consumers pay more for Homefree vs. the national leader? 


Research Method

Paired comparison test - Homefree chocolate chip cookies vs. An American Iconic Cookie Brand


Target audience - Consumers who’ve purchased and consumed cookies in the last six months