Consumers more than ever are now helping drive strategy, innovation, and product development within the most successful CPG companies. But not all consumers are created equal!

Marketers and innovators must connect and listen to a new special breed of consumers. The new influencers, the early adopters, and those that shape tastes, purchasing behaviors and adoption.


SnackNation Insights connects companies with the most influential, leading-edge and insightful health and wellness consumers in the world. SnackNation's community comes from a proprietary base of insightful early adopters and tastemakers that have subscribed to one of the largest snack services in the world… SnackNation and  Love With Food. They are millennial women and moms who are eager to discover products, experience them and provide insight unlike any other group available to CPG companies.


As a SnackNation Insights client, you are a rare few that have exclusive access to this active "non-professional survey takers" of over half a million people. With SnackNation Insights you will get consumers who are:


More open to trying innovative products and providing insights

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They create word of mouth and social media buzz if they love a product

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Early adopters make their voice known. They have specific and thorough feedback which can help refine new offerings, pipeline, positioning and messaging.

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With SnackNation's Insights community, you will discover the key to the future of CPG.

SnackNation (Insights community) is a must have partner for all companies looking to have their products reach consumers’ hands in an unconventional way. They provide start to finish services for their vendors, providing engaging social media coverage, and a robust survey at the end of the month for additional market insights
~ Alexandra L, Marketing Manager

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