How a New Gluten-Free Product Rapidly

Built Brand Awareness & Discovered It Has a #1 Rated Product

Case Study


Jessica’s Natural Foods is a new and small brand. They are difficulty building brand awareness for her new products. They currently depend on in-store demos to drive trial. In-store demos are not the best way to speak to today’s consumers. They can be costly and not the most effective because you are more likely to give your sample to someone who bakes with regular flour and has no interest in gluten-free. In-store demos is also not a great way to get consumer feedback.


Jessica’s Natural Foods partnered with SnackNation Insights to:


  1. Target the right audience to create rapid brand awareness

  2. Drive trial

  3. Get consumer feedback


Read the full case study to find out:

  • How SnackNation Insights promoted Jessica’s products to it’s exclusive community, SnackNation and Love With Food

  • Targeted 3,000+ social-media, gluten-free consumers to try the product

  • How key insights gained from this partnership is beneficial to future sales presentation