How Luna Targeted the Right Consumers to

Drive Sales & Collect Accurate Insights For a New Product

Case Study


One of the premium brands from the CLIF Bar & Company is Luna Bar. Many consumers may have been turned off that Luna bars weren't gluten-free or they didn’t know that Luna bars were gluten-free.

Luna partnered with SnackNation Insights to:


  1. Find the right engaged consumers to help drive trial and increase gluten-free awareness

  2. Cost-effectively collect rapid consumer feedback from the right target audience

  3. Increase sales with consumers who are likely to buy again


Read the full case study to find out:

  • How SnackNation Insights effectively drove trial and built a new brand message to its exclusive community, SnackNation and Love With Food

  • How fast and accurate consumer insights helped the brand think of new formulation and different marketing strategies going forward

  • How engaging the right audience who are likely to buy again boost sales