Gain deep consumer insights throughout each stage of your product life cycle


Every year, more than 30,000 new products are launched and 80% of them fail. Consumer needs and habits are shifting rapidly. Can your current consumer research with friends and family, focus groups or traditional in-home use test (iHUT) do all these to help you stay ahead of changing consumer behavior?

Recruit the Right Audience

Want to test your product with only moms with kids under 10 years? We can recruit your right audience in 48 hours or less.

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Consumer Insights on Steroids

Is your consumer data large enough to help you make key decisions? Whether it’s 200 or 1,000+ health and wellness consumers, we’ll get your new product in the hands of the right audience nationwide and get insights you need at scale.

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Lightning Fast Results

Say goodbye to months of recruiting the right audience and waiting for results. Say hello to insights as quick as 2 weeks. 

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Benchmark Your Product Against Similar Products

Knowledge is power. With over 2,000 products in our database, don’t you want to know how consumers rated your product against your competition?

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With more than 500,000 health and wellness consumers in our community, whether you are testing a new product, new flavor, new packaging or a competitive product, our rapid test and learn approach can easily recruit the right audience and get you results as quick as 2 weeks and help you make consumer-driven decisions prudently.


Your Product or Concept

Learn what consumers like/dislike about your concept, product, packaging, pricing etc and learn what you can do to improve them.

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Your Products vs Your Competition

Let unbiased consumers tell you how your products compare to your competition.

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Which New Product/Flavor to Launch

Can't decide which flavor to launch? Test early in the product concept stage to learn what consumers like/dislike and bring your products to market faster with confidence.

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Your Old Packaging vs New Packaging

Learn which packaging catches consumers' attention and evokes the right emotions for your brand.

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Homefree Cookies Vs. An American Iconic Cookie Brand

How an Allergy-Friendly Cookie Brand Quickly Assessed the General “Non-Allergy” Competitive Landscape to Optimize Sales & Marketing Strategies

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Define the exact demographic or behavioral group you need. You can target by age, gender, geography, shopping behavior and much more.

Test Setup

Whether is a single product or multi-products test, we’ll setup the right monadic or paired-comparison test approach based on your objectives.

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For in-home and office usage tests, we take care of the shipment of your product samples to the home or office of your testers. It's 100% hassle-free for you!

Insights Analytics

Sit back and watch the results on our insights dashboard. It displays the results of your survey and keeps track of respondents demographic information.

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Access Data, Anywhere

Analyze results anytime, anywhere. Find trends in survey results as they come in. Slice and dice your results to find micro trends.

Filter and Compare

Sort through results based on demographic information, purchase intent and many more ways to power your curiosity. For instance, how did parents' responses compare to non-parents? What’s the demographic, shopping and online behavior of consumers who liked your product?

Data Exports

Download visual charts and data for your next presentation and be the superstar in your next meeting!

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